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Some Tips to Excel in Marathon Running Yo have to be both smart and disciplined if you are preparing yourself to be trained for marathon running. Since you cannot fake your way in going through 26.2 miles, you have to be ready with strategies that can make you survive on this big day. There are some pointers that we will present here in order to prepare you for a marathon. The first guideline is to set a goal, meaning you have to have an idea on the speed you want to achieve in your marathon. If you have a clear idea in the pace you want to run, your training will become much easier. Let us take for example a person setting up a pace of under four hours, she or he should have a pace of at least nine minutes per mile and even lower. With the goal you want to finish, your running workouts will be structured around it. The number two guideline is to find a running partner, or have people who will support you. A great scenario too would be to train with a person who is aiming for the same goal as you in the marathon. This way, you will be able to do many workouts together with your running partner. When you plan for your marathon, another great idea is to have a support group who on race day, will share the experience with you.
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The third guideline is to have patience if you fail. Be prepared to face the fact that it takes time to prepare for this event, and there could be drawbacks during your training like being sick or being injured. It is advisable that you do not get discouraged since these are all part of the process.
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The next pointer is to not allow anything to get in the way of your training schedule. It is a good idea to wake up early on your workday to start your workout, and if the weather is not good, you can head to the gym and run on the treadmill. Some people are not into going to fitness centres and what they do is they get their own treadmills and do a run in their homes. If you are aiming to be a successful runner, you have to learn to overcome obstacles in your daily training. The last but not the least tip is for you to follow the best methods in training for marathon. There is a marathon plan created by Marius Bakken, called the 100 day marathon plan, and it is said that this is the best plan for any marathon runner to follow. The training outlined in this plan will take you to a step by step process from the first day you undergo the training up to the big day of the event itself.