The Brave New World of Language

The annual approach of this year’s NCAA College Basketball Playoffs – commonly referred to by fans and the press as “March Madness” – offers an opportunity to once again reflect fondly upon the universality of athletics.  Sports has long been a universal form of communication that transcends faith, language, race or ethnicity.  And sports has helped mankind move more rapidly towards global interaction and communication.

That move led by the sports world requires people to learn the tongues of those beyond our immediate society and borders.  Taking advantage of language training programs like those offered by Rosetta Stone can assist us in learning the tongues of the people with whom we interact as we move ahead in worldwide interaction and communication.  Some have been concerned that many educated citizens of nations in the world are not sufficiently fluent in languages other than their own.  In an era that depends greatly upon worldwide communication – and to some degree even critically dependent upon artificial languages for its daily survival – it should be axiomatic that people communicate in more than one.

And that goal can be within your reach using new computer software techniques offered by Rosetta Stone.  Purchasing language course programs using a Groupon promo can make it possible for you and your family to develop a working familiarity with another language within less than a year, and do so at your own pace.  And keep in mind that learning a new language opens a whole new spectrum of things, from knowing a new community to being able to qualify for jobs once inaccessible due to language barriers.  If travel to foreign countries is made easier then you know just a few words in the local language, having some proficiency will greatly improve your experience.

With the rapid growth and expansion of economies and societies in Asia and Africa it will be quickly apparent to those who want to maintain a role in the global society currently developing cannot do so while depending just upon their mother tongue.  So taking advantage of a Groupon to learn a new language is not just an act that can benefit you socially.  It is one than can pay enormous dividends and rewards – in both the social and economic spectrum – of your future.