Exoticism GILI MENO

Peaceful, these feelings will you feel when you set foot in Gili Meno. Gili Lombok this one presents to you the quiet atmosphere of the peaceful nature. No wonder when Gili Meno become a destination for honeymooners.

Gili Meno on the west, you can also visit a Lake Brine. The lake is quite spacious, surrounded by mangroves into various types of birds nest. One of them is the Eagles. If you are not satisfied with the chirping of birds in the lake, you can visit the Bird Park is located in the Bird Park Homestay. Not only hear the booms course, you can also see live birds of various species.

Here you also have the opportunity to touch the birds, of course with the permission of the park rangers. The bird park is located right in the middle of Gili Meno, about 100 meters from Lake Brine. At dusk and at night, you can join the locals for fishing and hunting.

Another interesting activity you can do in Gili Meno is exploring this Gili. Because of its relatively small size, you could easily surround Gili Meno this while enjoying the sunset. If you are uncertain of your physical, you can surround this dyke with Cidomo or bicycle hire.

Gili Lombok this one has an attraction that you can not refuse. So make sure Gili Meno on the list of tourist spots that you should visit. To reach Gili Meno You can take two alternative pathways. The first, the line the waterfront route Mataram-Senggigi-winner. The line was aken takes about 1 hour drive. You can follow it by car or motorcycle. Along this path, you will be presented with a view of blue sea framed by white sand beaches.

The line was created by following the contour of the land. So that in some places you will find incredibly dear to miss. As in Bukit Malimbu and Bukit Serumbu. Make sure you stop for a moment at the venue. The right time is the late afternoon. So you can all rest a moment, while enjoying a snack and enjoy the view with a sunset background.

The second path to achieve that is through the route of Gili Meno Mataram – Pusuk – Winner. This service is perfect for you lovers of biological richness, because you’ll pass Pusuk Pass. In Pusuk Pass you can pause for a rest, while enjoying the forest grove and “hunting” ape. These routes are shorter distances, which is about a 45 minute ride.

Whichever route you choose, you have to reach the dock Ward advance to then cross over to Gili Meno. You can ride public motor boat, or rent a boat sendri, or if you are lucky, you can also join a group of other tourists. The crossing to Gili Meno relatively long, but the sacrifice will be worth the beauty of Gili Meno who will welcome you. Make sure you also visit the islands that are around Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. You will see a different atmosphere in both this dyke. Congratulations Amazing adventure in Lombok’s Gili.