Exercise Preventing Disease

Two of the most important things in life are faith and health afterwards other things. Unfortunately we realized the importance of doing well after we fell ill, eat bad, your sleep soundly and we can not carry out activities to the fullest, including worship. The most common thing we ask in our prayers also are health, unfortunately again our actions are not in accordance with our prayers, we were still eating unhealthy foods, still likes to sleep late and still think negative. We should do what is in our prayers, want a healthy lifestyle should also be healthy. For loans tips, you can see through http://www.bestoftopcreditcards.com/.

Many of the ways that we remember that we have to have a healthy lifestyle, we must not hurt first. Visit the sick also include the recommended way religion so we are grateful that we were given health so that we are aware to protect our health. One way I often do is to read the article or writing about health. If there is free time to read, take time to read the related health, healthy lifestyles, our subconscious will be carried away by what we read and we will practice what we read. Another advantage of often read about health is that we are better informed about health, with a good understanding we will be able to maintain our health. Here is the article summary on the importance of sports.

Here are some of the benefits of exercise in fighting the disease:

1. Heart
Heart and exercise are two things that can not be separated. To have a healthy heart, needs regular exercise. A group of researchers in Switzerland reveals regular exercise can speed recovery and prevent further for yourself from a heart attack the next. The study mentions, blood vessel function among people who exercise have increased, no matter what kind of sport in which they live. With exercise the heart’s ability to pump blood may also increase. Sports are recommended: yoga, gymnastics and aerobics.
2. Cholesterol
Sports is believed to improve cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. A study published in the Journal of Lipid Research shows that exercise can increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. No need to do strenuous physical activity but could with mild exercise. Sports are recommended: walking, jogging, jumping rope, cycling, aerobics are low-impact, and swimming.
3. Blood pressure
Exercise is very beneficial for people with low blood pressure or high, because it is believed to accelerate and improve blood circulation. Sports are recommended: should exercise with a bit of loading such as running while carrying loads such as water @ 600 ml in each hand.
4. Diabetes
In addition to pay attention to diet everyday, people should do physical exercise. Effect of exercise on blood glucose control has been demonstrated in several studies. According to these studies, exercise increases insulin sensitivity so uptake of blood glucose and automated blood sugar levels reduced. The recommended exercise: brisk walking, running (jogging), aerobics, swimming, and cycling. Type of other sports, tennis, table tennis, even football, too don’ts home with extra attention.
5. Bone
According to research by Tom Lloyd. PhD, an epidemiologist at Penn State University College of Medicine, although the consumption of calcium is considered as the most important factors for bone health but exercise is a lifestyle that is very dominant in determining bone strength. Sport is much better at forming strong bones and healthy, so avoid bone disease. Women who regularly exercise opportunity to avoid this problem. But remember, do not exercise excessively. Sports are recommended: running, jumping rope, aerobics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball, hiking and fitness.