Creative Ways to Motivate Student Athletes

Student athletes are inspirational. Student athletes work harder than the average student, day in and day out balancing their educational responsibilities with their athletic training. It all really sounds like fun and games, but at the end of the day, while they enjoy their sport, is really is a lot of hard work and discipline. The discipline and motivation it takes to give it all in their academic world and athletic world is astounding. It takes a lot of motivation to always do your best in both worlds, and often time that motivation begins to die down.

As an athletic coach or moral supporter of student athletes, it’s key to continually motivate and engage students in both academic and athletic worlds. Of course they can do it alone, but your influence can be extremely impactful in their endeavors. Maintaining their motivation and excitement at an all time high is key to their success and stability. Yet, often times it’s extremely hard to do exactly that. It’s tough to find ways to keep motivating student athletes. Sometimes, people simply burn out. But as a coach and motivator you can not give up. You may have to get creative to motivate athletes, but in the long run it will be well worth it. Many people argue for negative feedback motivation as working specifically well with student athletes. Yet, positive response motivation can still be rather impactful for young adults and adolescents. Motivating student athletes through rewards and gifts can actually have a powerful, immediate impact on performance and motivation. Give your athletes gifts and rewards! Did they break a new personal record, here’s a new toy. Did you win your race, here’s a weekend trip. Get creative! Of course, giving gifts, electronics, and all sorts of goodies can get very expensive. Look around for deals and discounts like these Groupon Coupons for Disney Store. Find new and interesting ways to motivate your athletes. They have the abilities but sometimes it just takes that extra step of motivation to unleash their most powerful potential. The positivity of rewarding them for positive results can often times create a feedback loop that will encourage them more and more everyday to do their best, and often times prevents burnout.